Services for Producers


  • Administration of the Règlement sur la mise en marché des bouvillons du Québec
  • Management of sales to the United States (e.g.: transport, custom and  contractual follow-up)
  • Operation of electronic auctions
  • Negociation of sales to Canadian and American slaughter plants
  • Collection of payments from buyers, producer payments and transport cost deductions
  • Validation and correction, if necessary, of buyer information
  • New market developments
  • Audits for farm operations that participate in the various certification programs (e.g.: Canadian Beta Agonist-Free Beef Certification Program)
  • Follow-up on developments in reference markets to keep the producers informed

Information to producers

  • Regular update of the Extranet site information (e.g.: slaughtering data, producer payments, statistics on sales and pounds of weight gain, information and analysis documents)


  • Development and management of the Bovitrace traceability software program
  • Inspection of the main slaughter plants (Ontario and Maritimes) to ensure compliance with rules and standards (e.g.: carcass preparation and cutting)
  • Support service to producers


  • Member of the National Cattle Feeders Association which makes representations and lobbies on issues of concern to the Canadian fed cattle industry


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