The fed cattle marketing committee develops marketing strategies tailored to its sector’s realities. The committee also manages a research fund. It is assisted by a negotiating committee responsible for preparing, conducting and concluding business negotiations in its production sector, in concert with the PBQ. 

All fed cattle in Quebec are marketed through a sales agency whose role includes the improvement and standardization of sales and payment conditions for producers.

Producers may sell their cattle using various methods: electronic auctions, direct sales to a buyer with or without using the agency as an intermediary, and on a liveweight basis at a public auction. 50% of the cattle are sold by electronic auction or directly by the agency’s employees.

The billing and payment operations are performed by the sales agency’s staff, with the exception of very small lots sold directly at the slaughterhouse or by auction.

For more information concerning market prices, visit the Price-Info section.

André Ricard,
Chairperson of the Fed Cattle Marketing Committee

Marketing committee

Negotiation Committee