Product Quality

Quebec Milk-Fed Veal has long been recognized for its quality, consistency and uniformity. Its pale pink, tender meat and delicate taste are greatly appreciated by the most demanding palates.

Our milk-fed veal businesses follow specifications that set out production and animal welfare standards to ensure product quality and uniformity. These specifications ensure milk-fed veal remains a product of unrivalled quality and continues to meet industry expectations.

The Verified Veal Program is designed to afford producers a means of responding to consumers who ask for proof of food safety. It provides our customers with the assurance that the veal produced in Quebec is first quality.

Adapted diet

Milk-fed veal calves are fed reconstituted powdered milk, which is similar to infant formula for humans. This milk replacer contains energy and protein as well as all the essential nutrients Quebec milk-fed veal calves need to develop properly.

A healthy environment

Calves are social; they need to form relationships with other animals. These animals are raised in group housing. The facilities are designed to keep the area clean for optimal growth of the animals.

Personalized care

In addition to the daily care provided by the producer, a qualified technician visits the farm each week to perform a quality inspection of the animals. The technician examines the health and welfare of the calves and ensures they are all getting the nutrition they need in order to grow.