Since 1983, Quebec producers of grain-fed calves have been contributing to their own promotion and market development fund.

Over the years, visual identification by a logo specific to each product has been established, and several million dollars have been invested to increase name recognition and thus consumption of veal.

In 2013, major changes were implemented in the promotion of milk-fed and grain-fed veal. The two production sectors decided to combine their efforts to create a single promotion department within Producteurs de bovins du Québec. Instead of having two promotion services, each dedicated to one product, a single service now promotes both products. The two veal sectors agreed that they had much to gain by uniting their efforts.

grainfedveal.comQuebecers are today the biggest consumers of veal in North America. They eat an average of 7 pounds (3 kg) of veal per year, compared to consumers in other Canadian provinces, who consume 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg) per year. Our neighbours to the south consume 0.5 pound (0.2 kg) of veal per capita, per year.

Quebec Grain-Fed Veal is a meat unique in the world, a product created in Quebec. More and more processing companies use grain-fed veal, whether for smoking, marinating or preparation of cooked foods, sausages, cretons, tourtières and other products. It is an extra-lean meat that meets the needs of increasingly demanding consumers, for whom health considerations and the quality-price ratio are two important shopping criteria.

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