Services for Producers


  • Administration of the Règlement sur la production et la mise en marché des veaux d’embouche
  • Negociation and application of the Marketing Agreement with the auctions
  • Inspection of auctions
  • Coordination of the Quebec Feeder Calf Sales Circuit
  • Dissemination of prices to producers and stakeholders 

Information to producers

  • Regular update of the information on the Extranet site (e.g.: sales statistics, slaughtering data, information and analysis documents)
  • Information update on the (directory of on-farm feeder veal sales) Web site
  • Training on the marketing and preparation of feeder calves (e.g.: dehorning and castration, cost of fattening females)


  • Support service to producers


  • Representation of the producers on the following committees:
    • Beef-cattle committee of Quebec’s Reference Center for Agricultural and Agri-food (CRAAQ);
    • Quebec steering committee on beef cattle (genetic enhancement).


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