Producers of grain-fed calves, grouped within the PBQ, have created their own sales agency on August 3, 1987 and adopted an innovative sales channel, electronic auctions. The sales agency is the only channel through which the producers can market their grain-fed calves. This structure allows them to ensure efficient and orderly marketing of their product.

All producers and buyers have access to the grain-fed calf market on the same conditions. To guarantee their application, the producers have entrenched these conditions in a production and marketing regulation (Règlement sur la production et la mise en marché des veaux de grain). The Régie des marchés agricoles et alimentaires du Québec oversees the enforcement of this regulation as an independent administrative tribunal. 

Grain-fed calves are sold at one electronic auctions per week. The producers register their offers to sell. With the sales agency’s advance authorization, the buyers exercise their purchasing power by bidding against each other.

A grading system, operated by the Canadian Beef Grading Agency, gives producers an incentive to supply a high-quality product.

Supply management

Producers of grain-fed calves have established production volume and surplus management control mechanisms to ensure regular supply of the market.

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Did you know?

In 2012, the producers of milk-fed veal and grain-fed veal asked AGÉCO group to evaluate the sector’s economic benefits to Quebec. Some highlights of this study are:

  • Sector expenditures: $271 million.
  • For every $100M spent in the veal sector in Quebec in 2012, $66M were added to the Quebec economy and $8.5M in government revenues. 
  • Employment: the heavy calf commodity chain generates more than 2500 jobs.


Louis-Joseph Beaudoin,
Chair of the Marketing Committee for Grain-Fed Calves

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