Cull cattle

Use of veterinary drugs: authorized indications and recommended pre-slaughter withdrawal times for beef in Canada and the United States

This handbook is designed for cull cattle and bob calf producers in Quebec and other stakeholders. It is published by the Producteurs de bovins du Québec and the Association des médecins vétérinaires praticiens du Québec.


Assessing mobility in cull cattle – plan before culling


Move-out register

The move-out register is a simple and handy tool to help you prepare your cull cattle and bob calves to leave for auction. This user-friendly and compact resource was developed for producers by the Producteurs de bovins du Québec.

Over the years, cull cattle beef has carved out an enviable position across Canada and in export markets. Livestock quality, traceability, and abattoir inspection systems are all assets that have helped Quebec producers increase the commercial value of their animals.


Marketing costs for cull cattle and dairy calves sold at auctions (in French only)

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Dairy calves

Dairy calves: preparation and marketing

Videos accompanying fact sheets:

1. Navel disinfection
2. Colostrum
3. At the auction
4. Heavy calves
5. Welfare


Decision tool – Assessment of a bob calf’s preparation – POD Calf Program


The use of beef sire semen in dairy herds

This guide provides dairy producers with information on using beef sire semen to inseminate dairy cows whose offspring is not allocated to dairy production.

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Calculation of cross calf production costs

This project was funded by the Programme de développement sectoriel (sector development program) through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.


Fact versus fiction