The Federation is getting a new modern look

The Fédération des producteurs de bovins du Québec is getting a new modern look.

This modernization will take place in three ways.

  • Firstly, a new name: Les Producteurs de bovins du Québec (Quebec Cattle Producers). This name puts the emphasis on the core business of our organization: the producers.
  • Then, a modernized logo with the profile of a bovine that represents our five sectors of production: Fed Cattle, Feeder Calf, Cull Cattle and Bob Calves, Milk-Fed Calf and Grain-Fed Calf. The letter “Q” is also notable, which symbolizes the province of Quebec.
  • Finally, a new website that will facilitate browsing and better inform producers. The address remains the same: With this new site and logo, Quebec Cattle Producers are definitely modernizing.