Composed of 14 regional syndicates, the PBQ currently represent approximately 14,500 beef and veal producers in all regions of Quebec.

Organizational chart


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Regional syndicates

Regional cattle producer syndicates bring together all beef and veal producers on their territory, in accordance with the Professional Syndicates Act. Each syndicate has its Regional Board of Directors, and their Chairs sit on the PBQ’s Board of Directors.

In addition to providing regional representation, the syndicates implement production development projects and cooperate in marketing cattle. In each region, a Secretary plans and follows up on the syndicate’s current activities. To contact them.

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Annual General Meeting

Every year, delegates to the Quebec cattle producers’ Annual General Meeting, representing all regions of Quebec, adopt resolutions which become the work priorities and major orientations for the coming year.



Five marketing committees, each one representing a specific cattle production sector (feeder calves, fed cattle, cull cattle, bob calves, grain-fed and milk-fed veal) have been established under the Joint Plan des producteurs de bovins du Québec, as provided for in the Act respecting the marketing of agricultural, food and fish products. Each committee comprises a regional representative from the sector concerned, a representative from the PBQ and a representative of an accredited association, where appropriate.

The marketing committees mission is to develop marketing strategies tailored to their production realities. They adopt regulations to make marketing more orderly and efficient, ensuring producers of the highest possible net income for their cattle. The committees also manage their promotion funds (grain-fed and milk-fed veal) and research funds (in the five production sectors).

Each marketing committee is assisted by a negotiation committee responsible for preparing, conducting and concluding trade negotiations in its production sector, in concert with the PBQ.

Costs of production

The PBQ have set up four specialized committees to monitor the application of the provincial government’s farm income stabilization insurance programs and the establishment of production costs. These four committees are in the grain-fed and milk-fed veal sectors as well as in the feeder calf and fed cattle sectors.

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Board of Directors

The PBQ’s Board of Directors is made up of its Chairman, the Chairs of the 14 regional syndicates who are elected in their respective regions, and the Chairs of the five marketing committees, each representing their respective production sector.

In addition to following up on decisions taken at the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors determines the thrust of policies, farm programs, cattle production and collective marketing, in accordance with the joint marketing plan (Plan conjoint), regulations, and any other issue that concerns the PBQ.

The Chairman and Board members also represent the PBQ at several external committees meetings with federal and provincial officials.

From left to right, 3rd row: Jean-Marc Paradis, Pierre-Luc Nadeau, André Tessier, Bertrand Bédard, Stanislas Gachet, Gilles Murray, Stanley Christensen and Jean-François Dion. From left to right, 2nd row: Doris Boissonault (interim), Jean-Marc Ménard and Daniel Reichenbach, Mme Francine Trépanier, Steve Beaudry, Louis-Joseph Beaudoin and Pierre Ruest. From left to right, 1st row (Executive Committee): Jean-Thomas Maltais, Philippe Alain, Claude Viel (Chairman), Kirk Jackson (Vice-chairman) et Sylvain Bourque.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the Chairman of the PBQ, a Vice-Chair and three members, all elected by and from the members of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee follows up on decisions taken by the Board of Directors and oversees the day-to-day management of PBQ operations. The Executive Committee members also serve on the PBQ’s Finance Committee.


The PBQ’s General Secretariat has about 30 employees who support elected officers in their daily marketing and development activities. They also support elected officers in following up on issues and in the general administration of the PBQ.

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Key resource persons

Les Producteurs de bovins du Québec
Phone: 450 679-0540, poste 8761
Fax: 450 442-9348 

General Manager – André Roy, M.B.A.

Union Affairs – Marie-Claude Dubuc

Marketing agents :

  • Fed Cattle – Denis Pelletier (ext. 8482)
  • Cull Cattle & Bob Calf –  Louis Blouin (ext. 8559) (for replacement of Laurie Noiseux on maternity leave)
  • Grain-fed Veal – Catherine Larivée-Bazinet (ext. 8637)
  • Milk-fed Veal – Denis Pelletier (ext. 8482)
  • Feeder calf – Ève Martin (ext. 8891) (for replacement of Laurie Noiseux on maternity leave)

Accounting – Anne-Catherine Ménard (ext. 8312)

Environment & Quality Program – Sirine El Hamdaoui (ext. 8753)

Communications – Julien Levac Joubert (ext. 8110)

Community Life – Nathalie Gauthier (ext. 8354) (for replacement of Marilou Léger on maternity leave)

Marketing and promotion (grain-fed veal et milk-fed veal) – Andréanne Saint-Germain (ext. 8796)

Income Security, Statistics and Markets – Maxime d’Almeida (ext. 8263)/Ann Fornasier (poste 8408)

PBQ or Regional Syndicates Contact Information

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Steering Committee

From left to right, 2nd row : Annie Lo (administration and accounting assistant manager), Guy Laquerre (grain-fed veal & milk-fed veal marketing), Chantal Bruneau (administration and accounting), Clément Lallancette (fed cattle marketing), Eve Martin (economic affairs and feeder calf marketing) and Louis Blouin (cull cattle & bob calf marketing). From left to right, 1st row  : Marie-Claude Dubuc (union affairs), André Roy (general manager) and Nathalie Côté (agronomic affairs).

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Canadian Organizations

The PBQ are members of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) and the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB).

  • The CCA is the national voice for Canada’s beef cattle industry representing 60,000 beef farms and feedlots.  The association was
    founded by producers and is led by a producer-elected board of directors from across Canada. Learn more
  • The CRSB is devoted to advancing sustainability in the Canadian beef industry. Learn more

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