Strength in numbers

Created in 1975, Les Producteurs de bovins du Québec (PBQ) is an agricultural association constituted under the Professional Syndicates Act.

Supported by approximately 13,900 producers on 9,600 cattle farms throughout Quebec, the PBQ are composed of 14 regional syndicates. Quebec cattle producers market 600,400 head of cattle per year worth a farmgate value of $566 million, making it the fourth largest livestock production sector in Quebec. We are the fourth largest livestock production sector in the Province of Quebec and account for 6,500 jobs and $515 million of added value.

Through their affiliation with the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA), the PBQ extend their sphere of influence and benefits from an impressive collective force to help develop and implement solutions adapted to the realities of Quebec’s beef and veal sectors.

Tools to develop the production

Since 1982, the PBQ have been administering the Joint Plan des producteurs de bovins du Québec, the Quebec cattle producers’ joint marketing plan, which applies to its five production sectors: feeder calves, fed cattle, cull cattle and dairy calves, grain-fed veal and milk-fed veal. The plan gives the PBQ the power to regulate the marketing of cattle to make it more orderly and efficient.

The PBQ also administer a payment guarantee program which protects producers against possible bankruptcies of buyers or auction barns.

The PBQ have also set up a research fund to finance taking part in major projects along with governments, universities, research centres and private partners. The research projects cover areas such as the environment, animal health and welfare, farming techniques, as well as the economy and marketing.

The grain-fed and milk-fed veal sectors have their own promotion funds which are used to promote the popularity and consumption of their products with consumers in Quebec and elsewhere.

Involved downstream from production

Since 2002, the PBQ have been a shareholder in Réseau Encans Québec, which handles more than 75% of cattle sold through auctions in Quebec. Producers have also invested collectively in food processing enterprises downstream from production.

Mission and values

The PBQ’s primary mandate is to defend and promote the professional, economic and social interests of Quebec cattle producers.

To ensure that Quebec cattle producers earn the highest possible net income and enjoy a decent standard of living, the PBQ have given itself the following mission:

  • To support the development and growth of farm businesses, production, and the entire Quebec cattle industry, with a view to offering our ultimate customers – consumers – a high-quality product that meets their requirements;
  • To manage collective marketing mechanisms efficiently, taking each production sector’s specific rate of development into account;
  • To support unifying the concerns specific to the various production sectors as well as seeking solutions beneficial to all producers.

Production challenges

  • Offering a response to increased consumer demand for differentiated products
  • Dealing with fierce competition and market fluctuations
  • Remoteness from slaughter plants
  • Rebuilding the Quebec cattle herd
  • Dealing with a cost of production differentiated from others
    • Northern climate
    • Small-scale farming operations compared to the rest of North America
    • Highly strict standards (environment, traceability, certification, animal welfare, etc.)