Les Producteurs de bovins du Québec (PBQ), through its Feeder Calf Marketing Committee, provides fed cattle producers with a website to post ads to sell breeding animals. The site is the result of collaborative work done with the Comité conjoint des races de boucherie du Québec (CCRBQ) (Quebec Beef Breeds Joint Committee). It is available to producers of breeding animals (bulls and females) and commercial feeder calf producers. It is a complementary tool to be used with the pre-existing supply of breeding animals.

The Federation, founded in 1974, is an agricultural association constituted under the Professional Syndicates Act. Since 1982, the PBQ has been administering the Plan conjoint des Producteurs de bovins du Québec, the Quebec Cattle Producers’ Joint Plan, which applies to its five production sectors: feeder calves, fed cattle, cull cattle and bob calves, grain-fed calves and milk-fed calves.

In accordance with the powers given to the Joint Plan, the feeder calf producers established a sales agency in 1993 to regulate the marketing of feeder calves to make it more streamlined and effective.

In 1946, the Quebec Beef Breeds Joint Committee was called the Quebec Beef Cattle Association. In 1987, the Association modernized its structures to bring them in line with the modern requirements of genetics and marketing challenges. The CCRBQ was born. Today, it regroups 11 beef cattle breed associations. The CCRBQ’s mandate is to ensure sound representativeness of all the races with the different government agencies and other organizations involved in raising beef cattle in Quebec.