The Advance Payments Program (APP), offered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada enables producers to access credit more easily through cash advances at advantageous rates.

  • Up to $100,000 interest-free
  • Up to $300,000 rate prime minus 0,25%
  • Advances of up to $400,000 may be granted per producer

The purpose of the APP is to contribute to a better commercialization of agricultural products by giving to producers cash advances at a lower cost.

The Fédération is the administrator of the program in Quebec for the cattle production.

Amount allowed

The total cash advance is based on the number of cattle in the barn, multiplied by the unit rate established by AAFC (see table below). The number of cattle in inventory must remain sufficient to cover the advance at all times.

The animals must be sent to market during the 12 months following acceptance of the application (or the timelines established for the production period).

Agricultural product


Grain-fed veal


Milk-fed veal


Cattle less than 1250 lb


Cattle 1250 lb and more


Feeder calves less than 675 lb


Feeder calves 675 lb and more


Young breeding heifer


In-calf heifer


Adult breeding bull (over 2 years old)


Young breeding bull (under 2 years old)


Adult breeding cow (that has calved)


To register download the forms (see below) and return it to the Federation. It is important to read the quick reference, fill all the forms and join all the necessary documents.

 Consult the quick reference and download the forms:
  • Application

For more information, consult the Brochure 

How to calculate you eligible amount

The number of head eligible must be established according to the repayment cycle that you will choose for your advance: continuous or standard (degressive) cycle:

  • If you choose the continuous cycle, you must continually have in inventory, until the repayment of your advance, the number of head for which the advance was granted. The advance can be repaid twelve months after being granted;
  • If you choose the standard cycle (degressive), your advance can be granted according to the number of head in inventory at the time the advance is granted. You must then repay the advance as you sell cattle.

For more information or to apply for advance payments, contact the APP team at 450 679-0540, ext. 8994